“Urban Fox Attack”

Posted By on July 8, 2010

I’ve held off commenting on this documentary for a few days to give it a little time to settle in my mind.

This was shown on More4 this past Sunday night (4th July). I’m told it’s a re-editing of an older programme, though I have not seen the original — it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if this were the case since the footage relating to the recent case of a fox allegedly attacking children was minimal, to say the least.

It seemed to me to be a fairly balanced depiction of people’s views about the urban fox (people feeding them, people keeping chickens who were having issues, and so on). If you appreciate foxes or are generally opposed to the wanton killing of animals, I suggest skipping the last ten minutes or so (spoiler: Chicken Guy finds that hiring people to get rid of the foxes he thinks are killing his chickens completely fails to help)

On the positive(-ish) side, it did spur me on to send some money to the National Fox Welfare Society. The foxes here are healthy (as far as I’m aware) but not all are so lucky.

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