A couple of tidbits

| August 25, 2010

First of all, with a hat-tip to @Lofty_Jen on Twitter: A clever fox turned the tables on a photographer. That photographer was significantly more relaxed than I would have been if an animal started clambering over my tripod! Secondly, not news as such, but one of the participants on PostCrossing, a postcard swap site, has […]


| August 25, 2010

No, it is not the foxes who are soggy — well, they probably are, but they’ve not been out much in the recent wet weather, and really, do you blame them? The garden is decidedly damp, though, and thus it’s much easier to dig holes in the lawn to bury your food in. If you’re […]

For sale: one house, slightly foxed

| August 20, 2010

I note a story in today’s Coventry Telegraph about a lady who wants to make sure that whoever buys her house keeps feeding the foxes in her garden. Aww 😉 (with a tip of the hat to @joehewison on Twitter)

The best of friends (ish)

| August 19, 2010

A little more Foxcam footage for you, this evening, from a couple of days ago. The truce between the cats and the foxes really only works if the fox does not try to creep up on the cats; also, the two currently-resident fox cubs do still play with one another — or torment one another, […]

Sharing the table

| August 13, 2010

I happened to glance at some of the Foxcam footage I pulled off the data card yesterday morning, and couldn’t resist putting these two up for you. See what I mean about the cats and the foxes coexisting?

Relaxed fox

| August 11, 2010

The Evening Standard (and various other outlets) reports yesterday on a very relaxed fox spotted on a lilo in a pool… what next, foxes with cocktails?

Caring for orphan foxes

| August 10, 2010

If you’re enjoying our cute fox photos, you may also like this slideshow from the BBC from a few days ago. All together now — awwww….

Hose investigation

| August 9, 2010

Here are some photos for June 20th. The cub who I have mentally dubbed “Ears” (yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to name them, but (a) she’s still around and (b) she seems to have this habit of spending most of her time with her ears back) was checking out what remained of […]

Journey to the centre of the earth

| August 5, 2010

Just a little set for you today, from June 18th. One of the cubs decided that one of the larger holes in our lawn was the most FASCINATING thing and decided to keep a watchful eye on it for a while….

A couple of quick behaviour notes

| August 2, 2010

We’re only seeing two of this year’s cubs in the garden regularly at the moment; not the other two, not the vixen. (I’m slightly surprised the vixen hasn’t stuck around.) 1) Tonight I saw one of the cubs mounting the other. I imagine they’ve not really reached sexual maturity yet, but, little ones? Not good […]