Lovely foxes on the BBC

| May 27, 2020

For those of you with access to BBC Iplayer, you should take a look at yesterday’s edition. There is a lovely article starting at about 48:30 into the program talking to Mark Mason Gardner, who enjoys watching the foxes in his London garden from a purpose-built hide accessible to his wheelchair. His resident vixen is […]

Accidental fox cubs…

| April 20, 2018

“Mark Bucknell says he found the animals about a month ago abandoned behind some straw bales in a shed at his farm near Newquay, Cornwall. He took them inside thinking they were his spaniel Ruby’s puppies as she had already started producing milk and mothering them.”

Foxheaven (Dublin)

| July 17, 2017

There’s a lovely live stream on YouTube that shows foxes coming to a Dublin garden for food and play in the evenings and overnight. The actual live stream’s URL changes, but the channel for the person who runs it is here and you will find the currently-live stream linked from there. Enjoy!

“Only hunt groups care about foxes”

| July 17, 2017

From BBC News: I believe the word we’re looking for here is, approximately, “bollocks”. Even the (Tory) MP into whose constituency Fox Towers falls admitted he’d had dozens of letters from constituents insisting that the hunting ban be kept the last time they floated the concept of repealing it.

“Curious cat finds fox cub under sofa”

| July 17, 2017

From BBC News:

Rescued fox…

| July 30, 2011

I’m not entirely convinced by the wisdom of this, but the video is good: Rescued fox reared with pet dog (BBC News)


| July 22, 2011

Three Counties still didn’t manage to get to me today, but I think I’m actually quite thankful about that. They did, however, talk to Penny Little of Little Foxes Wildlife Rescue who made many of the same points I would have done anyhow (for instance referring people to Bristol University’s very informational fox website) and […]

Three Counties, take two

| July 22, 2011

Too busy on the phones for Three Counties to come to me yesterday, apparently, but they’re going to have another go today…

Three Counties Radio today

| July 21, 2011

Three Counties Radio have a phone-in this morning (Thursday 21st) on the JVS show on the topic of proposed urban fox culls. Apparently they were struggling to find anyone to speak on the foxes’ behalf; I’ve offered to have a chat to them but if anyone else feels like phoning in, do feel free 😉