Fox vs mobile…

| February 21, 2024

Okay, this one is not technically a “garden” fox, rather in woodland, but if he wanted a mobile phone then he definitely counts as “urban”! Fox steals RSPCA rescuer’s phone

City foxes braver but not smarter than rural cousins, apparently

| August 10, 2023

The study, published in Animal Behaviour, left puzzles in foxes’ habitats for them to solve to get rewards of food. City foxes were more likely to touch the puzzles but both sets of foxes were equally likely — or unlikely — to solve them. I strongly suspect that the city foxes thought “nah… can’t be […]

The British Library’s top sound of 2021…

| December 14, 2021

… was, apparently, the sound of a fox screaming — listen to it here. (The rest of the BL’s top picks can be seen here.) I’m slightly surprised that there are urban-dwellers who don’t know what foxes sound like! 😉

Foxheaven (Dublin)

| July 17, 2017

There’s a lovely live stream on YouTube that shows foxes coming to a Dublin garden for food and play in the evenings and overnight. The actual live stream’s URL changes, but the channel for the person who runs it is here and you will find the currently-live stream linked from there. Enjoy!

“Only hunt groups care about foxes”

| July 17, 2017

From BBC News: I believe the word we’re looking for here is, approximately, “bollocks”. Even the (Tory) MP into whose constituency Fox Towers falls admitted he’d had dozens of letters from constituents insisting that the hunting ban be kept the last time they floated the concept of repealing it.

“Curious cat finds fox cub under sofa”

| July 17, 2017

From BBC News:

When to acknowledge a fox in your scientific paper

| March 26, 2017

Lovely article from The Atlantic.

“Everyday Foxism”

| June 5, 2016

There was a great article in yesterday’s Guardian about “everyday foxism” (which is a terrific, and accurate, phrase) — read it here.

Press Photographer’s Year Exhibition

| August 18, 2011

On now until September 4th — and the picture that Time Out have chosen to illustrate it is of some very lovely fox cubs at the London Wildcare centre…

Interview online

| July 31, 2011

Foxy Lady has been interviewed by wildlife blog!