“Clever girl…”

Posted By on July 8, 2010

My cats have figured out the gentle art of teamwork when dealing with the foxes. As the cubs are roaming around a bit more, it’s not unusual to see one cub on its own coming out to look for some food. Yesterday evening, one of them was pottering around on the lawn, initially keeping a respectful distance from Lardy Cat. As sometimes happens, the cub decided to push its luck a little, and attempted to sneak round behind Lardy Cat. Unfortunately, Cub hadn’t noticed Small Cat lurking in the longer grass, and got a smack on the nose for its trouble, followed by both cats chasing Cub across the garden into the bushes. (Don’t worry, Cub came back out as soon as the cats had returned to their watch stations.)

If cats could high-five…

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4 Responses to ““Clever girl…””

  1. badwitch says:

    My two ginger Toms mastered the art of hunting in pairs when they were tiny. Often one will be obvious and act as a decoy while the other one sneaks up on whatever they are hunting. With large things like foxes, they just both stand their ground together until the fox runs off.

  2. badwitch says:

    Actually, thinking about it more, they play the decoy trick with me too. One plays cute to catch my attention, while the other sneakily does something bad.

  3. Foxy Lady says:

    I’ve watched the fox cubs teaming up on Lardy Cat before now — it’s sort of like watching kids play Grandmother’s Footsteps; they spread out and creep up on her gradually, until she finally gets too annoyed and hisses at them — then they all run off 😉

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