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Posted By on July 27, 2010

Yes, we really ARE over a month behind with the photo posts. Don’t even ask about Foxcam.

I think the number of photos I can get is likely to start going down a bit; we’re not seeing the cubs quite as often and the evenings are of course getting a little shorter. I imagine the cubs are starting to roam a bit more widely in search of their own territories. We’re still seeing them coming back for food in the evenings, and sometimes also during the day, but not for as long and not necessarily altogether. I haven’t seen Mrs Fox in daylight for a few days, although I still need to check the night-time footage to see if she’s been around; it’d seem likely since the den here is (presumably) her territory rather than the cubs’…

These photos are from June 13th, and towards the end of the set you’ll see the fate of one of the balls which has been purloined from a neighbouring garden and brought in by one of the foxes for a toy. They played together with it — or possibly wrestled one another for it — until it was largely torn apart, as is the fate of many such toys. The garden is also currently graced with another hard plastic ball (with holes in it), what was once a tennis ball (but would no longer bounce), the head of some kind of troll-type toy (the body was around for a while but I’ve not seen it lately) and a child’s pink Croc-type shoe. Although the shoe is rather chewed, I can confirm there’s no small leg or foot in it. Just in case you were concerned, you understand.

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