A couple of quickies

Posted By on July 30, 2010

1) I see there has been another report in the media about someone being attacked by a fox. I’m sure it’s deeply unpleasant for the person concerned, but I also don’t believe that all the foxes in the UK have unilaterally decided that 2010 is going to be The Year They Bite People. I’m currently investigating whether it’s possible to obtain data on how many people have been treated for dog bites versus how many have been treated for fox bites; if I’m successful I’ll let you know.

2) The foxes are getting fussy in their old age, tch. It used to be that when I put bread out as part of their food, that would get eaten as quickly as anything else, but they’re starting to leave it for the birds more, now. Might be that it was stale and hard, as opposed to mouldy; ah, the fox as gourmet…

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