Foxes are not known for their swimming ability

| July 13, 2010

BBC News has a story of a young fox rescued from the sea off Eastbourne (which has now made a full recovery)

From a month or so back…

| July 12, 2010

Okay, a little over a month; these photos are from 2nd June, so at the point where the cubs’ fur had stopped being quite so fluffy and had smoothed out a bit, but before they really got to being the lanky teenage foxes that we see at the moment. More photo posts to come over […]

“Urban Fox Attack”

| July 8, 2010

I’ve held off commenting on this documentary for a few days to give it a little time to settle in my mind. This was shown on More4 this past Sunday night (4th July). I’m told it’s a re-editing of an older programme, though I have not seen the original — it certainly wouldn’t surprise me […]

“Clever girl…”

| July 8, 2010

My cats have figured out the gentle art of teamwork when dealing with the foxes. As the cubs are roaming around a bit more, it’s not unusual to see one cub on its own coming out to look for some food. Yesterday evening, one of them was pottering around on the lawn, initially keeping a […]

The furry clean-up squad

| July 4, 2010

(I warn you that you may not wish to read this while eating. ;))