Lovely foxes on the BBC

Posted By on May 27, 2020

For those of you with access to BBC Iplayer, you should take a look at yesterday’s edition. There is a lovely article starting at about 48:30 into the program talking to Mark Mason Gardner, who enjoys watching the foxes in his London garden from a purpose-built hide accessible to his wheelchair. His resident vixen is apparently raising seven cubs this year; makes our vixen’s four look positively restful…

(Yes, more photos/videos soon! There are plenty ;))

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2 Responses to “Lovely foxes on the BBC”

  1. jean webber says:

    I have a fox visiting my garden in the evening for food. He/she doesn’t eat it , but takes it away and comes back fairly quickly for more around three times. I think it may be feeding cubs. It seems quite relaxed and at home in my garden, but runs if it see’.s me-which is right. It looks a bit mangy and keeps scratching, so I am worried about me catching anything from it or worse my daughters dogs when they visit – not too often. Can you advise me if there is anything I can do or put in the food to help?

    I feed it raw chicken drumstick/wings, a sandwich of brown bread with cheese,,fish or meat and a bonio- is this ok?

  2. Foxy Lady says:

    Hi Jean,

    It may well be feeding cubs — or it may just be taking the food away to be stashed for later on. What you describe ought to be OK as far as food goes, although you might find bones around later!

    Wildlife Aid sell a mange treatment for foxes here. Although I’m not generally a believer in homeopathic remedies, it has helped foxes around here in the past.

    Good luck, and enjoy your foxes!

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