Persistence is not necessarily a virtue

Posted By on July 17, 2011

Any human parent — well, any parent with a child over the age of about two — will be familiar with just how persistent children can be. It turns out that this is a cross-species trait. One May morning, Mrs Fox was sitting in a sunbeam at the bottom of the garden, and peering thoughtfully in the direction of the camera; one of her cubs was quite determined to attract her attention, though…

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  1. STEPHEN says:

    hi i watching the foxes on the land at the back of our garden playing with a cat what is the best thing to feed them ? thanks ste/joanne

  2. Foxy Lady says:

    Hi folks,

    Well, ours get dog food but that’s mostly because it is one thing I am sure our cats will not eat! But they will eat most things — meat, cheese, (cooked) veg.

    Ours won’t play with the cats, there is an armed truce there — but perhaps that’s because they both see the garden as “theirs”.


    Foxy Lady

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