Book review: Fox In Your Garden, Doreen King

Posted By on September 30, 2010

Fox In Your Garden, Doreen King, pub. Kingdom Books 2000

This is an accessible guide to what you can expect if you have foxes in your garden, with plenty of personal anecdotes throughout alongside the information, plus photographs and illustrations. Doreen King runs a wildlife rescue centre in Essex and obviously has plenty of experience with foxes in an urban and suburban setting.

The book walks you through what the foxes will eat, both in terms of what they will eat from your garden — slugs, worms etc. — and what they will scrounge from rubbish or food left out for them — carrion, berries, domestic scraps. (She mentions that they will eat vegetables but I can confirm from personal experience that either my group are fussy, or foxes don’t like aubergine…). It moves on to the life cycle of the fox, what you can do for a sick fox, and how to persuade foxes not to use your garden if you would prefer that they did not.

I’d say that this could be read and enjoyed by a slightly younger age-group than Stephen Harris’s Urban Foxes book (of which I really must do a proper review sometime); it’s a bit less technical and explains some of the less familiar terminology. It’s quite short (48 pages) but would probably sit well in a school library.

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