Posted By on August 25, 2010

No, it is not the foxes who are soggy — well, they probably are, but they’ve not been out much in the recent wet weather, and really, do you blame them? The garden is decidedly damp, though, and thus it’s much easier to dig holes in the lawn to bury your food in. If you’re a fox.

A quick peek at the overnight Foxcam footage from a couple of nights back revealed that one of the cubs we thought had moved on had returned for a visit — there were three small foxes enjoying the food instead of two. I assume it was another of the original four who had returned, otherwise there would have been ructions… Whether he or she is around again regularly remains to be seen.

I’m still working through the backlog of photos. Here are just a little set from mid-June (as in, over two months ago!). Yes, numbers two and three are different — just not very different…

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