A couple of quick behaviour notes

Posted By on August 2, 2010

We’re only seeing two of this year’s cubs in the garden regularly at the moment; not the other two, not the vixen. (I’m slightly surprised the vixen hasn’t stuck around.)

1) Tonight I saw one of the cubs mounting the other. I imagine they’ve not really reached sexual maturity yet, but, little ones? Not good to be that closely related. Go find another clan to breed with.

2) On Saturday night at least one of the foxes was traipsing back and forth through the front garden (and setting off the security light each time). Except, when I looked out, one of the foxes was sat on our gatepost. “FOXES FED HERE”. Didn’t quite have the sign, but so cute! All we needed was one of the other cubs sat on the other side 😉

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