Study of a fox

Posted By on July 15, 2010

Today’s photos are from June 9th. Then, as most usually today, one of the cubs was the first one out to check out the food that I’d left out; it’s not always the same cub, mind you. I think they have some kind of rota system organised from behind the bushes; I wonder if they’re taking food back for the vixen, or whether she just doesn’t need quite so much now that she’s not feeding the cubs (or at least not as much?) We do still see her coming out to feed but usually only at dusk (and thus not easily photographable, not with a long lens), not during the daytime as we did before.

One of the cubs had decided, yesterday night (around 2330 or so), that the middle of the lawn was the right place to take a nap. I don’t know whether he/she was trying to erase the smell of the cats, who tend to hang around in the same area during the day, or whether he/she is just that fearless? In fairness, the cats were indoors by that point so there wouldn’t have been anything else, bar other foxes and maybe one or two other neighbourhood cats, to disturb him/her.

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