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Posted By on June 11, 2010

… videos, that is. I promised links to some of the longer HD videos yesterday (well, actually I promised to post them yesterday, but you can’t have everything), and here they are.

The first one is of some very relaxed foxes pottering about on the lawn. The second and third are actually two parts of one longer take which overflowed YouTube’s time limit of ten minutes (… and it would have been longer still had we not also hit the in-camera size limit while recording).

If you’d like to see them in proper HD, you can click on the “360p” in the bottom right-hand corner of each YouTube screen to get a list of available sizes. (They were filmed in 1080, not 720, but I had to scale them down a bit or you’d not have been seeing them until about Christmas, it’d’ve taken me that long to upload them ;))



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