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I’ve just been out into the garden and, as has happened quite often lately, there was a *rustle*crash* as of something seeing me and legging it over the back fence. This time, that something was slow enough that I could tell it was one of the local foxes.

But there was still a bit of rustling in the undergrowth near the shed, and I cautiously went nearer to see if I could see what it was.

Fox cub! We have at least one (might be two) little fox cub(s), sweet pointy ears, tiny little thing. It was very scared, and still grey (they don’t start off red; they turn that colour when they’re a few weeks old). I backed off, but will be watching with interest…

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  1. […] reproducing? We just don’t know yet. We didn’t see the first cub above ground until April 14th last year which means that this year’s, if they’re out there, will only just be born, […]

  2. […] still properly black. (The only time I’ve seen one still that colour was in 2010 where I disturbed one near its den, a couple of weeks before they came out into the main part of the garden.) They mature through a […]

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