Aunty Fox on duty

| June 4, 2012

May 8th had better weather than many of the preceding days (possibly working up to Foxy Lady’s return from holiday — who knows). Aunty Fox had drawn the short straw for cub-wrangling duty, and she was certainly kept busy as they took over the lawn…

It only gives you wings if you drink it

| June 3, 2012

Fox cubs, much like small animals of many other species, love to find new things to play with. Actually, what they found on May 7th was second-hand at the very least, and quite possibly had been stashed in the garden by last year’s cubs… but this empty Red Bull can was definitely providing them plenty [...]


| June 1, 2012

Fox cubs generally start out black or very dark grey — although in my experience of watching them so far, it’s very unusual to see them out in the open when they’re still properly black. (The only time I’ve seen one still that colour was in 2010 where I disturbed one near its den, a [...]

Aunty Fox

| May 29, 2012

Let me introduce you to Aunty Fox. Aunty is the slightly smaller and, one might assume, younger female who has been helping Mrs Fox with the cubs. Before we started seeing the cubs in the garden, Mrs Fox and Aunty Fox had often been seen curled up together in the sunshine. The gallery below shows [...]


| May 28, 2012

You may remember that before we had this warmer weather (in the UK, at least), it rained for a while… say, a month or two. Today, I put it to you that there are few things more adorably pathetic than soggy fox cubs… One or two people have asked about the slightly unusual fur pattern [...]

Chew toy, climbing frame, feeding station

| May 24, 2012

… it’s a tough life being a mother of six. Watching the cubs interact with their parents is always fun — at this stage (these photos were taken on 1st May) the vixen seems resigned to a life of providing milk forever and a day, but of course we all know she’ll start dissuading them [...]

First day out

| May 23, 2012

One thing I’m afraid you’re not going to get quite as much of, this year, is captions on the photos. There are lots and lots of photos — you need not feel like you’ll be short-changed there! — but Foxy Lady is ridiculously busy right now and thinks it’s more important to get some of [...]

Family snapshots

| July 29, 2011

Photos here from 9th May… one of the cubs decides to pose, Mum has a really thorough scratch, and even Dad turns up to join in the evening feed. (Doesn’t happen every day; he’s definitely still around at the moment, but not necessarily visible every day, unlike Mum and the cubs.)

Family ties

| July 22, 2011

Again these are photos from early May. The cubs spent some time relaxing and watching the garden before having dinner and curling up with their mother…

Persistence is not necessarily a virtue

| July 17, 2011

Any human parent — well, any parent with a child over the age of about two — will be familiar with just how persistent children can be. It turns out that this is a cross-species trait. One May morning, Mrs Fox was sitting in a sunbeam at the bottom of the garden, and peering thoughtfully [...]