First day out

Posted By on May 23, 2012

One thing I’m afraid you’re not going to get quite as much of, this year, is captions on the photos. There are lots and lots of photos — you need not feel like you’ll be short-changed there! — but Foxy Lady is ridiculously busy right now and thinks it’s more important to get some of the photos up where you can see them rather than worrying about having them all neatly captioned. (And if we run out of photos from this year? Well, there’s still plenty from last year that haven’t seen the light of day just yet. Likewise, videos. Really: content, we have it.)

These photos were taken by Foxy Lady Junior on the first day the cubs showed their faces (30th April 2012). You can see what we mean about the cubs being a bit more advanced when they first came out than they were last year and the year before — the previous years, they tended to stay close to the bushes at the far end of the garden for the first few days. This year? Up on the patio on day 1. Well, it makes it easier to photograph them…

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  1. Glenn says:

    Lovely photos…..thank you for sharing
    We, also, have foxes. They have burrowed under the decking at the bottom of our garden, and every evening…and increasingly in the day…..we are treated to their company.
    We currently have, amongs others….two lovely girls with sparkling white bellies.
    Again….thanks for sharing your photos
    Best wishes

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