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You may remember that before we had this warmer weather (in the UK, at least), it rained for a while… say, a month or two. Today, I put it to you that there are few things more adorably pathetic than soggy fox cubs…

One or two people have asked about the slightly unusual fur pattern that Mrs Fox is sporting — shaggy on top, neatly trimmed across the back end. This is because both Mrs Fox and Aunty Fox (the other female who has been helping her out) had mange over the winter and in the earlier spring. (Oddly, Mr Fox did not seem to succumb.) We added the treatment available from Wildlife Aid to their food for a few weeks and it seems to have cleared it up.

(Foxy Lady was still away at this point, so once again it is Foxy Lady Junior we must thank for the photos.)

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2 Responses to “Damp”

  1. Viv says:

    Hi there

    Thanks so much for hour foxy video and photos – theyre fab. I thought i
    Had one? Dog fox which i have been feeding since Nov 2011. Am delighted
    That tonight i spotted another smaller fox with him, now wondering if
    My foxy is a vixen – difficult to tell as still very timerous . So cute. Loving
    All you foxy info as i am a novice but love foxes and glad not the only onex

  2. Foxy Lady says:

    Sorry there’s not been much to update of late — the foxes have not been breeding in our garden this year… they’re still around, we think, nearby, but not as easy to photograph! (And last year the weather was so dire that we got very few good shots.) We’re hoping they’ll be back next year! — Foxy Lady

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