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It has been a little quiet around here of late, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. That would be because we’re still waiting to see if we have cubs in residence this year… although a lot of people are reporting they’re already seeing cubs in and around their gardens and parks, but ours are not yet out and about.

Looking at the posts from last year, the first sighting I had (somewhat by accident) was on April 14th, and the first photos we got were on the 20th/21st, so if we do have cubs here, they should be coming out shortly.

What we do have at the moment is a pair of foxes (male and female) who are being very keen on keeping our back garden as their territory rather than as the free-for-all that it was over the winter and earlier on in the year. (Mr Half-a-tail is still making the occasional foray but being chased off; the other locals have decided that discretion is the better part of valour.) Mrs Fox has visible nipples, so I’m guessing that she’s suckling at least some cubs, but where? Given that Mr and Mrs Fox both seem to be keen on hanging out on top of our shed during the sunnier bits of the day, I’m sure it’s close by, and maybe it is under the shed where last year’s fox family lived.

Fingers crossed…

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