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Posted By on June 12, 2010

… anyone who heard me on the Stephen Nolan show on Radio Five Live last night. The topic was whether urban foxes should be culled; Peter Oborne, columnist, and Neil Hamilton, former UK MP, were putting the case that they should, and I was acting as counsel for the defence, for the foxes.

I mentioned on the programme that a lot of research has been done on urban foxes; one of the main researchers in the area is Professor Stephen Harris at the University of Bristol. For those with a less academic interest, there’s a useful and informative booklet called Living with Urban Foxes, originally produced by Bristol City Council.

I’ve already heard from people carrying out research into various aspects of the life and times of urban foxes; please do feel free to contact me if you are doing so, as I’m quite happy to help if any of my information can be of use.

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