Foxes vs humans

Posted By on June 7, 2010

Many of you (in the UK, at least) will have seen the report of a fox attacking two babies in east London. There is some discussion here on the BBC News site about how unusual this is.

Perhaps the foxes in Hackney are bolder than those around here — several people seem to be describing needing to shoo them out of their gardens, but the foxes I’ve seen in this area will usually run away as soon as a human comes anywhere near them. Even our regularly-fed foxes won’t usually come out to get their food while we’re in the garden. As for coming into the house, once in a long while we’ve noticed them trying the cat flap, to little avail (the cat flap is set such that only our own cats can enter). We’re unlikely to leave windows sufficiently far open that a fox could get in, anyway, but it isn’t the foxes that concern us – it’s the other neighbourhood cats!

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