Overnight 7th – 8th May

| May 8, 2010

Just a little more Life With The Foxes for you today. A pleasant dinner was enjoyed and a dandelion very thoroughly investigated…

Smell the flowers along the way…

| May 7, 2010

I don’t know what the dandelions in my garden have done to deserve it, but the foxes suddenly seem very interested in them! (All right, perhaps it’s because the dandelions concerned were in the middle of the food I’d put out for the foxes.) Also, photographic evidence that at least one of our cats is […]

Evening of the 6th/morning of the 7th

| May 7, 2010

I rather pity our resident vixen — it can’t be easy bringing up four children cubs. She’s keen to make sure the cubs are always well-groomed, no matter what time of night it is, but the cubs are just as determined to get under her feet and have more ATTENTION TO ME NOW NOW NOW…

Getting some exercise

| May 6, 2010

The cubs were particularly active during the day today, spending quite a long while chasing one another round the lawn, tumbling over one another, play-fighting and generally getting under their mother’s feet. (As usual, click on any photo to enlarge it, and click anywhere on the resulting larger photo to close it again.)

Night of the 5th/6th

| May 6, 2010

Again, the cubs are learning how to deal with hedgehogs… or how not to deal with them: MEMO To: Fox Cubs From: Foxy Lady Don’t pounce on the hedgehog. You won’t enjoy it. Really. FL

Evening of the 5th

| May 6, 2010

The cubs and their mother were, once again, quite visible during the evening of 5th May. They enjoyed a pleasant dinner on the lawn and then a little light playtime…

Evening of the 4th

| May 5, 2010

After a sunny afternoon’s play, you’d think that these cubs would be tired out and ready for sleep… or not. No, they spent much of the evening dashing round and rolling over one another as well. (They did seem a little less busy than usual overnight, at least.)

Afternoon delights

| May 5, 2010

The foxes decided to come out and play in the sun a little earlier than usual yesterday — they were out on the lawn not long after noon. Of course this was the point where I needed to be somewhere else! Still, Foxcam has captured some nice footage of them romping around and being their […]

Another nice day…

| May 4, 2010

Don’t foxes look pretty with the sun on their fur? (Even more than usual, I mean.) (As usual, click on any photo to enlarge it, and click anywhere on the resulting larger photo to close it again.)

The Art of Pouncing

| May 4, 2010

The Art of Pouncing is a difficult art to master, as a young fox cub. There’s no Mr Miyagi-alike who comes along and makes you move one paw at a time to improve your coordination (or at least, if there is a Mr Miyagi for foxes, he’s invisible to Foxcam). So it means that the […]