Keep your Hands off our foxes

| March 18, 2011

Conservative MP Greg Hands is at it again, in his ongoing attempt to have foxes reclassified as vermin so that councils would be able to organise culls. Hands originally asked much the same question in 2006 (and indeed he received much the same answer). At present, there is nothing stopping individual landowners dealing with “problem […]

Making himself at home

| February 12, 2011

Our correspondent Elizabeth Lovegrove reports from Oxford that they had an overnight visitor, the night before last. They came down in the morning and found a young fox comfortably curled up on their sofa (and their two cats having run away from it, looking decidedly underwhelmed). It backed off to hide under a table when […]

Discouraging foxes

| February 11, 2011

Should you want to discourage foxes from entering your garden, there are many ways of doing so. The Fox Project has a list of many of them (under their “Deterrence” heading). But there are more unusual ways of keeping foxes away from your livestock; it may not be within everyone’s budget, but have you considered […]

What her grandmother never taught her

| January 19, 2011

Ears is back! She hadn’t been hanging around by the patio doors in at least a couple of weeks (although she’d been coming by the food area overnight)… possibly because it hadn’t been as cold recently around Fox Towers, possibly because she’d been off getting acquainted with the local males, who knows. Anyway. Yesterday evening […]

Odds and ends

| January 14, 2011

I know, I know, a bit quiet here at Fox Towers lately. The humans are getting back into work, and the foxes… well, they’re definitely still visiting the lawn for their dinner, although I’m not sure we have any in residence just now; they’ve not been leaping out of the bushes as soon as the […]

Foxes eat too much junk food

| December 18, 2010

With a hat tip to @jamesgraham on Twitter, foxes are now apparently eating too much junk food…

A different type of urban animal

| December 8, 2010

OK, and people are worried about foxes? In Chicago, they have coyotes…

Snowy foxes, coming soon…

| December 6, 2010

I mentioned on Twitter on Friday that one of our foxes (PaleTail) had finally come out in daylight so that I could get some decent fox-in-the-snow pictures. I’m just going through the pics now. There are, er, six hundred and twenty-three of them. May take me another day or so, sorry folks I do note, […]

Foxes in hoodies – another request for help from the BBC

| December 1, 2010

The BBC’s filming last night was cancelled, unfortunately (see their previous request for help) and now they’re looking to reschedule; they’d like to film somewhere in the London area that “looks urban” (which rules out Fox Towers, unfortunately; we have neither tower blocks nor foxes in hoodies) and where the foxes tend to hang around […]

Request for help from the BBC

| November 23, 2010

Hi folks, I’ve been contacted by Katy Elson at the BBC. She’s looking for someone with urban foxes in their back garden (or at least nearby) who might be willing to have them filmed next week (week beginning 29/11/2010) for the Springwatch Christmas Special — in an ideal world you would be fairly near Southampton, […]