A different type of urban animal

| December 8, 2010

OK, and people are worried about foxes? In Chicago, they have coyotes… http://www.npr.org/blogs/krulwich/2010/12/08/131876027/60-wild-coyotes-patrol-chicago-and-occasionally-stop-at-convenience-stores

A couple of tidbits

| August 25, 2010

First of all, with a hat-tip to @Lofty_Jen on Twitter: A clever fox turned the tables on a photographer. That photographer was significantly more relaxed than I would have been if an animal started clambering over my tripod! Secondly, not news as such, but one of the participants on PostCrossing, a postcard swap site, has […]

For sale: one house, slightly foxed

| August 20, 2010

I note a story in today’s Coventry Telegraph about a lady who wants to make sure that whoever buys her house keeps feeding the foxes in her garden. Aww (with a tip of the hat to @joehewison on Twitter)

Relaxed fox

| August 11, 2010

The Evening Standard (and various other outlets) reports yesterday on a very relaxed fox spotted on a lilo in a pool… what next, foxes with cocktails?

Caring for orphan foxes

| August 10, 2010

If you’re enjoying our cute fox photos, you may also like this slideshow from the BBC from a few days ago. All together now — awwww….

“Both In It Together”

| July 20, 2010

My father — from whom we bought this house, and who is therefore the one to blame for the foxes’ den in the first place — has today sent me a copy of Both In It Together – A Farmer’s Life With Foxes written by John Carter. It is a rather sweet little book, written […]

Foxes are not known for their swimming ability

| July 13, 2010

BBC News has a story of a young fox rescued from the sea off Eastbourne (which has now made a full recovery)

A thoughtful post to read

| June 15, 2010

The Aspidistra Blues has an excellent summary of the current urban fox flap, with a well-balanced viewpoint.

Hello to…

| June 12, 2010

… anyone who heard me on the Stephen Nolan show on Radio Five Live last night. The topic was whether urban foxes should be culled; Peter Oborne, columnist, and Neil Hamilton, former UK MP, were putting the case that they should, and I was acting as counsel for the defence, for the foxes. I mentioned […]

We’re not the only ones with foxes…

| June 9, 2010

… well, not that that was any great surprise The Bad Witch has posted to her blog about an acrobatic fox cub in her back garden, with a link to some cute video too…