| October 23, 2010

The nights are drawing in, the temperature is dropping, and that makes a more-or-less-regular food source look more attractive to foxes… even those foxes who are new to the area. I looked out of the window one afternoon a week or so back and saw this: Yes, okay, a fox on the lawn, not all […]

Foxes don’t like rain

| October 3, 2010

All of the Foxcam footage over the last couple of days seems to have involved very damp foxes. I don’t think they like the rain, and they definitely don’t seem to want to come out in daylight when it’s raining! Unfortunately the fox who rather elegantly shook itself on camera did so right at the […]


| September 23, 2010

No photos for this one, and perhaps you should be thankful… Those of you with cats and dogs will doubtless have had the joy of clearing up after your pets when they’ve decided to eat some grass and then vomited. I hadn’t realised that foxes would do the same thing, but I suppose it makes […]

Fox’s nest

| September 21, 2010

Our foxes have built themselves a nest! … okay, not quite. What they have taken to doing is hanging out on top of our shed, soaking up the autumn sunshine. (What is this “nocturnal” of which you speak?) As I type, two of them are up there, curled up peacefully. They do add an autumnal […]


| September 4, 2010

After several weeks of mostly seeing only one fox in the garden, we seem to have numbers 2 and 3 back as regular visitors, at least when there’s food around. I’m wondering whether someone else locally might also have been feeding them (or other wildlife) and has recently stopped. Yesterday evening all three were chasing […]

Feeling a bit limp

| September 2, 2010

One of the fox cubs — not Ears, who is still resident in the garden as far as I know, but one of the other two cubs who still occasionally visit the garden for food — has been limping over the last few days. He or she (let’s fix on “he”, otherwise this entry will […]


| August 25, 2010

No, it is not the foxes who are soggy — well, they probably are, but they’ve not been out much in the recent wet weather, and really, do you blame them? The garden is decidedly damp, though, and thus it’s much easier to dig holes in the lawn to bury your food in. If you’re […]

A couple of quick behaviour notes

| August 2, 2010

We’re only seeing two of this year’s cubs in the garden regularly at the moment; not the other two, not the vixen. (I’m slightly surprised the vixen hasn’t stuck around.) 1) Tonight I saw one of the cubs mounting the other. I imagine they’ve not really reached sexual maturity yet, but, little ones? Not good […]

Tasty patio…

| July 31, 2010

Photos from June 17th, here. Mostly the fox family were relaxing on the lawn, but I am really not sure quite what one of the cubs was licking up from the patio in the last few — and no, this is not related to the furry clean-up squad incident on which I reported earlier on […]

A couple of quickies

| July 30, 2010

1) I see there has been another report in the media about someone being attacked by a fox. I’m sure it’s deeply unpleasant for the person concerned, but I also don’t believe that all the foxes in the UK have unilaterally decided that 2010 is going to be The Year They Bite People. I’m currently […]